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One of the best ways to find inspiration for a digital program is to see what others have been doing and have found success in. Looking over the success of other programs can provide some fantastic insight into what’s working in digital, what’s not working, and generate some thoughts around how you may want to manage your own program. We’ve collected a handful of examples as a reference — some work we were involved in, others that are just really cool programs!

CNBC Stores: This customer was looking for a way to increase traffic into their airport stores. They felt the locations were getting lost in the bustle of airport traffic. We worked with them to install LED video surrounds at store entrances to attract airport traffic. We developed content loops and dynamic templates for each market to serve local weather and other local content to keep things relevant.

Skechers: This store within a store deployment provided the apparel brand with an elevated level of awareness. The entire Skechers zone stands out with light, color, and video cues that help promote the products. These areas required digital signage, and some other tech elements such as a gondola topper light table, which cycles through the desired color palette and draws attention to the items on display above it.

Wells Fargo: With naming rights to a stadium, Wells Fargo had an opportunity to create a concourse activation to promote, educate, and otherwise inspire current customers and potential new customers. The result was a very unique sports-themed space, complete with a two-story media tower used to highlight promotional content, live game feeds, and an opportunity to play the branded game Stagecoach Adventure.

Adidas Power Pad: This traveling in-store activation brought the latest line of Adidas footwear front and center at each retail location it stopped. Customers were encouraged to try on the shoes and work through a series of low-impact exercises that help demonstrate where this particular line of product shines.

Adidas Boost Tour: This traveling activation stopped at multiple college campus around the country to highlight the new Adidas Boost technology. The popup provided a place for customers to check out the new line of shoes, try them on, and participate in an experience that highlighted how these shoes make an impact. An endless runner game allowed participants the chance to feel how the Boost technology absorbs impact and makes running feel great.

Philips Hue: This interactive endcap was designed to attract, educate, and help sell the $60 lightbulb. The program was so successful it was deployed at three different retailers, and in less than a year they rolled out to 1,100 Best Buy locations alone due to positive ROI. The challenge had been explaining why a lightbulb could cost so much more than traditional bulb, and the value that it brought to the user.

Best Buy + Vivint Security: Some products can be a challenge to sell. This typically happens when there’s education required around how the product operates, or when customers need assistance envisioning how the product would apply to their world. The thought of installing your own home security system would likely cause most customers to just pass by the Vivint offering, but with a little help from a fantastic in-store display, both Vivint and Best Buy found a lot of success. This digital program allows retail reps a chance to walk through the various components and highlight how easy they can be installed and operated.

Lowe’s Innovation Lab: If you haven’t heard of the Lowe’s Innovation Lab, it’s definitely worth checking out. This isn’t a specific example of digital in-store, but rather a collection of really inspiring tools that help shape the future of retail. From AR/VR to robots and exosuits, Lowe’s leverages technology to generate a world of innovation.

These are just a few recent examples of how digital in retail can create positive impact for brands. A quick search online and you can easily find hundreds more! This is a great way to find inspiration, and vet out what might work vs what will present more challenges. As always, we’re here to help in any way we can. If you’re curious to have a deeper conversation on digital in retail, don’t hesitate to reach out. We love meeting new people and concepting ideas around how technology can be leveraged to solve real business dilemmas. Contact Us!

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