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As businesses continue to get back to a new sense of stability and normalcy in the wake of a pandemic, many are running into issues or frustrations with their existing AV systems.

Maybe your AV systems were aging even before everyone got sent home in March 2020. Or maybe you just don’t have the functionality you need to accommodate the new way of working.

It might be time for a post-pandemic AV system refresh. Here are 5 signs it’s time (maybe even past time) to initiate a refresh.

1. Some — But Not All — Are Returning to the Office

If your office is like most, you’ve seen some employees return to normal in-person office hours by now. But you haven’t seen all of them — and you probably never will.

For most businesses, a “return to normal” doesn’t exist. The return to work looks partly in-person, partly virtual, and partly hybrid. And that has vast, vast implications for your AV systems.

Are any of these aspects true for your business?

  • Most businesses today are relying far more heavily on video conferencing than before.
  • Virtual and hybrid employees still need spaces to work and collaborate when they do come in.
  • In-person employees need more, smaller spaces for videoconferencing with their remote colleagues.
  • Client and prospect meetings that would’ve been in person are now virtual — meaning the quality of your videoconferencing equipment and spaces matters even more.

If any of these realities are hitting you — and your AV systems aren’t ready — then it’s time for a refresh.

2. Your Existing Equipment Is Visibly or Technically Outdated or Already Failing

The pace of technology moves quickly, and staying on the bleeding edge of AV tech can get expensive. Still, if your AV system is actively reminding your clients and prospects of 1999, you’ve got a problem on your hands.

The same is true if elements of your system are starting to fail. You can’t work efficiently (and you certainly won’t impress visitors) when your AV systems are hanging on by a thread (er, wire).

If your existing equipment is starting to fail — or if it looks like it could be the set of a ’90s or early 2000s sitcom — it’s time for a refresh.

3. You’re Moving Locations

The return to the office has had many businesses rethinking their real estate footprint. If you’re moving locations, you likely won’t be able to take all elements of your AV systems with you. (The stuff that’s embedded is likely going to stay right where it is.)

Even if you can take some stuff to your new location, the new space won’t have the same layout or needs as the old one. Rather than trying to force a square peg (your old system) into a round hole (your new space), consider refreshing your entire system so that it fits the needs of your new location.

And while you’re at it, make sure your new system accounts for any changes in how work gets done, like the ones we mentioned up in sign #1.

4. You’re Encountering New Opportunities or New Expectations

Technology keeps evolving and changing. So do the opportunities your AV tech presents, as well as the expectations your team and your customers have.

Take the tablet: 15 years ago, this wasn’t even a real product category. Since the introduction of the iPad, we’ve seen it go from novelty to an indispensable part of life for many small businesses (where it forms the basis of the POS system). Then during the pandemic, thousands of iPads suddenly became next to useless, as office workers no longer moved from space to space to attend meetings.

If your AV systems are limiting your ability to embrace new business opportunities, it’s time for a refresh. The same is true if your systems aren’t keeping up with the expectations of customers or employees.

5. Equipment Is Reaching End of Life or You’re Reaching a Scheduled Upgrade Point

The last sign that it’s time for a system refresh is that, well, it’s time for a system refresh.

When you last updated your AV system, did you build an end-of-life plan into the budget? If you’d planned to update the entire system in five, seven, or even 10 years, and that date is right around the corner, or passed then it’s time to start planning. In the post pandemic economy you will need to attract top talent and will require a connected hybrid work place with the latest technology to succeed

Getting your upgrades on a schedule can reduce unpredictable costs and can keep you out in front of device or system failure.

Ready for a Refresh? Bluewater Can Help.

Bluewater has been serving clients with AV system refreshes for years, and we know what it takes to get back to your new normal. If you’re ready for an AV system refresh, reach out today. We’ll get your systems up to speed so you’re ready to handle whatever comes next.