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When you hear the phrase ‘content’ in today’s online era, what comes to mind? Is it the written word? Is is the importance of content? Is it social media posts? What about videos, memes, and gifs? In today’s marketing environment, it’s all content. Every single thing your brand pushes out to consumers, prospects, partners, and audiences is considered content. This includes visual content as well, such as presentations, graphics, videos, and more. For today’s brands, however, this influx of content has brought on an environment of consUmer-focused noise that is hard to break through. In order to stand out from this competition and noise, brands must optimize their content offerings, no matter the channel. In today’s digitized world where everyone has a voice and a medium, insuring that your brand stands out is of utmost priority. The importance of content is on display now more than ever.

How to optimize your brand content 

With so many new visual and engagement-focused content channels, brands must be able to stand out from the crowd regardless of how the content is being shared. Outside of written content, here are three ways brands can take their content to the next level: 

Presentations: if you’re giving a presentation, speech, or talk to an audience, your presentation itself is half the content. Sure, people will remember what you say, but they will also remember what they saw and how you as a speaker engaged with the audience before, during, and after your presentation. This means walk-up music, pre-show lights, during-show graphics, and post-show animation. 

Videos & visuals: Content isn’t just a marketing term anymore. Branding and corporate messaging teams are using content to share the mission and values of their organizations. In today’s content-heavy world, this means leveraging videos and visuals. Start using LED screens to share corporate messaging via video in your office lobby, or embracing visuals in digital ads and social media posts. 

Audio: Content is all about engaging the senses, and audio is a long-forgotten sense that is finally having its day in the sun. Next time you’re presenting to a large audience, have a recording play introducing the topic and hyping the crowd up before your speaker takes the stage. Or, you could welcome visitors to your office space with an audio tour of your building. Look for ways to integrate audio elements into branding and messaging for a holistic brand experience for customers, prospects, and visitors.   

As content itself shifts and changes, so too do the way consumers engage and embrace it. Content is no longer just a way to validate a sale to a consumer or showcase product features to a potential buyer. It’s telling customers, prospects, partners, and even random people on the street what your company as a whole believes in, where you’ve come from, and where you’re going. The more innovative the company, the more innovative the content. While it’s tempting to want to skimp on cutting-edge content technology in favor of more exciting efforts, it’s not scalable. For a long-term successful content strategy, the more out-of-the-box the better. 

Get started

Don’t settle for being ‘part of the pack’ when it comes to content. The Bluewater team can help you bring your experiential content efforts to the masses with targeted audio visual solutions and consumer-focused technology offerings. Get started today by talking to one of our brand specialists.