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We hear a lot about conference technology, but what exactly is it? Who are the teams that are usually involved? Who are the stakeholders in the delivery of a flawlessly executed event and what do they need to take away from it?

Event and field marketing teams have a lot to worry about. From garnering attendee interest to driving booth leads to creating presentation content, there is no shortage of tasks to accomplish. Technology platforms like marketing automation and lead capture can help with the more tactical basics of event marketing, but what about the big picture items, such as connecting and engaging your audience or empowering your attendees? This is where conference technology comes into play.

Think of conference technology as the behind-the-scenes engine that’s making the entire event run smoothly. A relatively new addition to the event marketing tech stack, conference technology has become necessary for large-scale events, trade shows, and conferences because it provides a way for marketing and event teams to truly connect with their audience in a personal way.

In this article, we’ll look at three different types of conference technology your team can explore for your next event:

1. Event-wide wifi

It’s time to face the facts: we’re living in a modern world and we must accommodate new demands. This means people expect to be connected and online no matter where they are. The days of being stuck in a hotel basement or ballroom with no wifi signal are long gone. If you want to truly deliver an amazing event experience to your attendees, they need to be connected. They need fast and reliable service. And you need to get them there.

While it can be daunting to depend on a hotel or event space for wifi reliance, there are other ways to bring in the powerful connection you require. Try integrating a repeater or extender to your host’s wifi for a stronger signal. Or, take matters into your own hands by setting up a unique bandwidth that’s only for conference attendees. This way, attendees won’t have to go searching for a stronger signal offsite. Not sure how? Work with our event wifi experts.

2. GPS/location sensing devices

As social media has gained steam in the past few years, GPS and location sensing solutions have become a huge part of the conference technology stack as a whole. Think of these solutions as drawing a circle around your event location. Then, you can target and engage with your audience inside the event, through things like automatic push notifications, banner ads, and emails.

GPS technology is also a great idea if you’re using any kind of social media to connect with attendees. You can send promoted posts directly to attendees within your location boundary, prompt them to join event-specific groups, and increase online collaboration between attendees.

3. Integrated audio

Nothing captures people’s attention quite like audio cues, especially at conferences and tradeshows. With an integrated audio component, conference teams can create an atmosphere of excitement, learning, and anticipation, instead of relying on the traditional, stuffy sounds of mumbled conversation that so often permeate these types of events. Set up your event space so you can control separate zones (during presentations) as well as the entire space as a whole for networking times.

Audio conference technology also comes in handy if you’re hosting multiple booths or presenters at the conference. With the right audio solutions in place, nothing will be too overwhelming or overpowering for attendees. Plus, it can help set the tone and mood for your entire conference time period, giving attendees a reason to want to come back.

Make implementing conference technology a breeze
Unlike other parts of event marketing strategy (looking at you, hotel logistics!) conference technology doesn’t have to be confusing. All it takes is an industry partner with the innovation and know-how to make it happen. At Bluewater, we’ve been working with event teams for years to develop the most eye-catching, memorable events, and our experience with conference technology is unparalleled. See how we can help your team build a truly unforgettable conference: schedule a call with a consultant today!