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The holiday season is a magical time when people come together to celebrate and create cherished memories. At Bluewater, we believe in the power of immersive and interactive story platforms to elevate these experiences to a whole new level. By blending creativity with cutting-edge technology, we have the privilege of crafting awe-inspiring exhibitions, captivating interactive installations, and breathtaking environments that invite attendees to explore and engage. In this blog post, we will showcase some of our most innovative holiday experiences and explain how technology plays a pivotal role in creating them.

 Santa’s Magic Mirror: An Interactive Experience

magic mirror Enter “Santa’s Magic Mirror”, an interactive activation that uses the latest body tracking sensors to imitate anyone who steps in front of the display. Imagine seeing yourself transformed into a holiday character in real-time. The laughter and joy this technology generates is truly infectious. It’s a fun and interactive way to engage with the holiday spirit, encouraging both children and adults to embrace the magic of the season. This technology forward Santa exhibit was rolled out to several shopping centers throughout the country! See it in action here!

An Illuminated Wonderland

This interactive night walk at Glenlore Trails takes you through an illuminated forest adorned with luminous lights and interactive experiences. With technology seamlessly integrated into the natural surroundings, you can step into a world where the beauty of nature meets the wonders of technology. It’s a sensory journey that evokes the enchantment of the holidays like never before.

Holiday Fun on a Grand Scale

Another way to utilize technology to spread holiday cheer is through projection or projection mapping. Columbia Street located in District Detroit was transformed into a Winter Wonderland with an abundance of festive lighting, fun photo ops, and a larger than life projection on the side of the building. This projection helped to create an immersive atmosphere for all to enjoy. Check it out here!

At Bluewater, we take pride in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible by leveraging the latest advancements in AV integration and event technology. Our mission is to create unforgettable holiday experiences that leave a lasting impact on those who attend. Whether it’s through breathtaking projections, interactive activations, or immersive experiences, our team is dedicated to making your holiday season truly magical. Contact us today to get started!