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The world of LED display technology is undergoing a considerable transformation, propelling us into a realm where vibrant colors and seamless interactivity merge to redefine how we experience visual content. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of LED display technology as we explore the latest trends with industry expert Trent Slyter from Absen Inc.

Guest Contributor and Industry Expert

Absen Inc. – Trent Slyter

Trent Slyter has been a part of the professional AV industry for more than four decades, having his own production house, managing a broadcast TV station, and serving a diverse clientele across commercial AV, live production, and broadcasting markets. In the early 2000s, he distinguished himself by representing industry titans like Chief, Polycom, Barco, and Lifesize—earning the 2009 “Rep of the Year” honor for Polycom. His leadership continued as Regional Vice President for CTI and Area Vice President for AVI. In 2023, Trent furthered his journey with Absen Inc. as a Key Account Manager.

The Current State of LED Displays

We kick things off by asking Trent to provide us with an overview of the current state of LED displays and the noteworthy advancements over the past year or two. According to Trent, one of the most significant breakthroughs has been the availability of Chip-on-Board (COB) technology at a more affordable price point. This innovation brings a game-changing LED display wall to the market – one that’s resilient, water-resistant, capable of finger touch interaction, and boasts an impressive 15,000:1 contrast ratio at bright levels. Trent confidently predicts that the adoption of COB technology will skyrocket in the coming year, opening up new possibilities for various industries.

The Impact of COB Technology on LED Video Walls

With COB technology gaining traction, we explore its impact on LED video walls and how it’s poised to reshape industries like advertising, events, and entertainment. Trent explains that the affordability of COB technology will make older Surface-Mount Device (SMD) products incredibly cost-effective. This affordability will drive the widespread use of displays across various applications, breathing new life into sectors where displays are utilized.

Efficiency and Sustainability

Energy efficiency is a topic of  importance, and we’re eager to learn about recent innovations in this realm. Trent informs us that COB products have taken a leap forward in energy efficiency, consuming nearly half the power of previous generations. For instance, some of Absen’s latest panels require only 60-70 watts per panel, a significant reduction compared to the 300-600 watts consumed by other offerings. This remarkable progress contributes to sustainability efforts and aligns with the industry’s focus on greener solutions.

Interactive LED Displays

The evolution of interactive LED displays is another captivating aspect of LED technology. Trent enlightens us about the connection between touch interaction and COB technology’s reliability. He hints at exciting options from Absen that are on the horizon, which are likely to accelerate the adoption of interactive displays in various markets. Retail and interactive art installations are expected to benefit greatly from these advancements, providing engaging and immersive experiences for users.

LED Displays in the Realm of Immersive Experiences

Virtual and augmented reality are gaining ground, and we’re intrigued to know how LED displays fit into this immersive landscape. Trent foresees LED displays becoming the preferred choice for enhancing these experiences. As the cost of direct-view LED displays continues to decrease, they are expected to become the go-to option for delivering stunning visuals in virtual and augmented reality applications.

Making High-Quality LED Displays Accessible

As we conclude our insightful conversation with Trent, we explore the visionary role of LED displays in shaping the future of digital communication and visual storytelling. In many parts of the world, LED displays have already become commonplace, and the advent of affordable COB technology is set to make the same transformation in the United States. These displays will soon be more present in education, retail, healthcare, and government settings, ensuring access to premium visual experiences for all.

In conclusion, the advent of COB technology and its impact on energy efficiency, interactivity, and cost is propelling LED displays into a future filled with endless possibilities. As Absen, Inc. continues to pave the way for innovation, we can only anticipate the remarkable transformations that lie ahead for the world of visual technology.