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It’s not a secret that retail is changing. Many of these changes have been magnified by the pandemic over the course of the past year, and we have seen many companies talk about the death of retail or speak to it going away from a brick & mortar perspective. However, we don’t think that’s the case.

What retail is doing is evolving. It needs to catch up to the demands of the current customer that is now more comfortable than ever buying their latest pair of shoes or a sweatshirt online.

That evolution means that retailers need to often instill the idea that shopping is more than just a transactional experience into the mind of their customer. Instead, shopping should be an experience with emotion, excitement, and maybe even some product education along the way.

Let’s face it, we are all consumers and there is something euphoric about walking out the door of your favorite retailer with something new and exciting in hand. But how can retailers subliminally remind customers of this? Well, it begins with the in-store experience. First, it must provide entertainment and secondly, it must have a digital footprint.

Making the retail experience one of fun and energy is important. Retailers that have focused on gamification and database building are already a step ahead as they are able to both provide a memorable in-store experience and also leverage the ability to market to these customers that have visited the store while online in their pre- or post-visit ecosystems.

Shoppers expect a certain level of personalization in their experiences and A.I. driven recommendations that optimize real-world performance are at the core of the possibilities in 2021 and beyond. It’s possible for retailers to now take in-store actions and combine them with online actions in order to create customized recommendations and a seamless brand experience for the consumer.

Real-time data capture has allowed for brands to then create offers in the moment that are most relevant to an in-store visitor. This attention to detail has shown to increase conversion in-store and also leave the customer delighted and speaking positively about the brand for days after a transaction.

Digital store

Touchless digital retailing for brands that might not have a physical presence in a specific mall or shopping center can additionally now blend the in-person and online shopping experiences. Retailers have also begun to put similar displays in-store so that when inventory is low, or a size is not available at that specific location, the customer can order it right there within the digital experience. This way retail brands aren’t sending the retail customer on their way to potentially capture the sale, but rather capturing it right there in the moment of the buying decision.

The way we shop is changing, and with that, retailers and retail brands alike must evolve as well. We’ve worked with many of the nation’s leading brands and our specialty is creating retail experiences that can be infused with customer focused technology. This technology both educates and entertains and is proven to increase the likelihood of conversion. If you’d like to talk about an idea you’d like to implement, or you’d like us to develop some ideas for your brand, contact us and we’d be happy to discuss a project in greater detail!.