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When it comes to matching applications to technology, what could be better than using LED for your large format video wall needs? That’s rhetorical — nothing!

Why should you love this match-up? When it comes to the challenges presented by the sun and other elements, most AV solutions cannot compete with mother nature. LED video walls are in an entirely separate league than their AV cousins. There simply is no better option among today’s technology.

What challenges are faced with outdoor video?

  • Ambient light/washed-out content
  • Weather
  • Artistic use of technology
  • Lack of dynamic content
  • Lack of interactivity

While the list above is multidimensional, the single aspect that defines the performance of outdoor LED is the ambient lighting conditions provided by the sun. How does LED compete with sun light? If you have direct sunlight falling right on an LED screen in the early morning or late afternoon, it will affect the visual performance of the screen, degrading the image slightly. With that being said, you will still be able to see the image provided if the LED is of sufficient brightness.

This brings me to the benefits of LED for outdoor use:

  • Brightness/vivid Color
  • Unique/dynamic form factor
  • Eye-catching
  • No bezels

Even with the incredible properties of LED applied to outdoor applications, it could still be improved. You can take all the benefits of LED technology and tie those into sensors, triggers, and menu choices that give an interactive experience with data analytics, which provide feedback on what captures the most attention.

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