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Within minutes of entering an event, you generally have an idea of what to expect. Often, you enter a bare conference room in an anonymous hotel and hope the speaker is engaging enough to make up for the setting. Or, ideally, you enter a space and feel immediately compelled.

Every event planner strives for the second scenario. When an audience is completely consumed by an experience, they’re especially receptive to the message. They leave with a clear memory of the content and a confident understanding of the issues and ideas. And because they were so captivated from beginning to end, they’re eager to evangelize for the speaker and his or her talking points.

Creating an event that truly grabs the audience requires a careful balance of elements and a complete attention to detail. The recent C2 Montréal is a great example of this in action. Everything from the networking technology to the lobby soundscape to the structure of the seating areas was perfectly calibrated. As a result, attendees felt like they were having an experience that was both seamless and all-encompassing at the same time.

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