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The popularity of self-service kiosks soared during the pandemic and only continues to grow. It turns out, even after the pandemic consumers really liked some of the solutions retailers established to provide a socially distanced, low-touch environment. Interactive, self-service kiosks can be used across multiple industries and applications including retail, restaurants, hospitality, healthcare and more. Interactive self-service kiosks provide a wide range of benefits, from saving business resources to providing quicker service:

Improve Efficiency

A well-designed interactive kiosk can eliminate lines, answer questions, and help clients find their way around. This allows your staff to focus on the more high touch transactions and needs. The speed and efficiency of self-service kiosks is more in demand than ever. With a self-service kiosk available, customers can help themselves whether they need help locating a specific product or want to check themselves out instead of having to wait for assistance.


Easily load new content, update software and troubleshoot without having to ever physically touch the kiosk itself. For example, if you have a new product available, you can easily add promotional content to your kiosk via cloud based software and start promoting your new product right away.

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Customer Satisfaction

With employee shortages and turnover rates higher than ever, customers continue to experience long lines and poor customer service across all industries. Self-serve kiosks offer the ability to adapt to different requirements and serve more customers in a timely fashion which help with maintaining a satisfied customer base. They also allow customers to be more informed about the products that a company has to offer which transforms into a better customer experience all around.

Increase Revenue 

While self-service kiosks help businesses to improve the customer experience, they have also emerged as an opportunity to boost revenue. Interactive kiosks can be utilized to highlight products and promotions and even influence buying behavior. Kiosks can be programmed to offer the upsell or cross-sell each time, flawlessly. A user-friendly interface, coupled with an enhanced buying experience is likely to promote more spending overall.

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Interactive self-service kiosks can be used for a wide variety of purposes to help serve customers across a multitude of industries. From providing basic information and directions to encouraging end user engagement, the possibilities are endless! From kiosks and endcaps to activations and entire environments, we help our customers create an attractive space that resonates well with customers and drives them to action. Contact us today to get startedf