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As retail evolves during and after a global pandemic, we are seeing businesses that are having to accommodate an ever changing consumer landscape. Whether it be the increasing amount of virtual shoppers, or showroomers, or even those on the other side of the spectrum who are clamoring to get back into a store and experience interaction with real people as a part of their customer journey. They each have unique needs and stores of the future must be impactful for all of them.

As we enter the second quarter of 2021, what are some of these trends we are seeing with regards to fixturing?

1.Lighter & Brighter

Fixtures are becoming both literally and figuratively lighter and brighter. In terms of the actual weight of the the fixtures, retail brands are needing to account for the ability to be mobile. Pop-up shops are taking over the retail landscape and we expect them to become even more commonplace once we are completely through the pandemic and the real estate landscape shifts even further. This means fixtures need to be able to be easily broken down and then reassembled in another location. They also need to be light and easily packed in transit safe road cases This means lightweight fixtures made of lighter materials that are still durable will be in demand going forward.

Retailers are also looking to create brighter spaces, whether in-store or in a pop-up experience. On the heels of a global pandemic, let’s face it, fresh and clean are now a requirement and bright spaces leave little room for dirt to hide. Glowing glass, large LED, and even our next trend (touch-less interactives) are starting to take over the retail fixture landscape.

2. Touchless Interaction & Ordering

With pop-up shops on the rise, the ability for consumers to “showroom” and order digitally arrises. Many brands are allowing for this exact experience with touch-less, completely sterilized options.. Leveraging laser and gesture technologies consumers are able to simply swipe their hand in the air and see additional products virtually, or even interact with other shoppers. Touch-less ordering is also beginning to explode with touch-less kiosks. McDonald’s restaurants just announced touch-less ordering kiosks for over 500 restaurants beginning later this year. The touch-less trend is sanitary and allows a vast array of display options. Bluewater has been at the forefront of this technology for quite some time and we’d be happy to discuss the options with you.

3. Dynamic Pricing

Electronic pricing labels, or even small LED screens are being used at the point of sale in many digitally infused retailers. Software then enables the retailer to dynamically change pricing for the products in the store based on who is shopping for them, the time of day, or even based on their sell through rates. Any plethora of reasons could lead to a price change, but the goal is to make them as dynamic and personalized as possible, making conversion more likely.

4. Personalized Offers

Personalization has long been a vital component to the e-commerce landscape and it’s now spilling over into brick and mortar retail. With pricing personalization already occurring, and the majority of consumers having their phones in their possession while shopping; integrating the phone with the in store experience is now possible.

Sending a notification with a specific product offer as a person walks by it, or sending a coupon for a repeat purchase when an individual shopper walks through the door are now common place. We’re even seeing personalized greetings for shoppers on LED screens throughout stores with coupon codes specifically for that shopper. The online/offline experience is being used in a complimentary manner and creating a lot of buzz. We’ve even seen interactive 3D tables that can have a rewards program logged into in real time and products added to a virtual cart only to be picked up at another location elsewhere in the store when you are ready to leave.

5. More LED

The “Brighter & Lighter” theme mentioned above has increased the need for more LED throughout the retail experience. Whether that be in the form of displays showing personalization, at the register, or even as part of a product display. LED technology makes the space appear brighter and tech infused. The crispness of the picture also allows for a premium brand ethos to be put on full display for all who enter. With digital signage throughout a retailer and a multitude of content possibilities, it’s no wonder LED displays are a growing retail fixture trend.

For more information on retail trends, or to discuss a current or future project please don’t hesitate to contact Bluewater Technologies. We’d love to chat free of charge!