Creating more excitement through “retailainment”

That was a main talking point for the 2019 Supplier Growth Forum. For the last few years, Walmart has hosted this all-supplier forum near their hometown of Bentonville, Arkansas. The event was designed to get Walmart store suppliers involved in ways they have never been before and get them access to information that they might not otherwise have. From sustainability to supply chain efficiencies, there were a lot of crucial topics and metrics to present. The content opens the door to opportunities suppliers could be missing and provides them with a better understanding of the strategic direction and goals of the retail giant, so everyone can better work together in achieving them.

For the 2019 Supplier Growth Forum, Bluewater deployed a creative wall-to-wall display canvas that could double as separate session rooms after the general session broke. The design kept the air-walls in mind and required almost no rearrangement of stage elements to complete the transformation, meaning the entire set could be flipped in a matter of minutes. This allowed technology to be deployed once and used for multiple presentation types. It also opened up additional space within the John Q. Hammons center, ensuring there were enough breakout rooms to facilitate this supplier development gathering.


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