Amplifying The Sound of Detroit

The heart of the Motown legacy lives inside Hitsville, USA, an old Detroit home where Berry Gordy lived and recorded popular Motown hits. Founded in 1985, Motown Museum is a global tourist destination for music and history fans that celebrates the authentic story of Motown from its humble beginnings, to its emergence as the “Sound of Young America”. The Museum brings together people and ideas from different generations to help fuel dreams and inspire accomplishments. Bluewater was excited to help amplify the sounds of Detroit by installing a new zoned audio system around the exterior of one of Detroit’s most historic landmarks!

motown museum

The new zoned audio system will allow each speaker to be assigned to a specific zone where each speaker will come on at the same time, play the same music, and run at the same volume level. The upgraded audio system will be utilized for various outdoor events from memorable galas and concert performances, to community celebrations and educational programs. When there aren’t any events happening, there is classic Motown music continuously playing through the speakers for museum visitors to enjoy. We are excited to continue to provide audio and sound engineering services to Motown Museum as they continue to expand and inspire!

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