A New Entertainment Option

Bluewater had been toying with the idea of diving into themed entertainment for quite some time. While our focus had primarily been on corporate events, we couldn’t ignore the consistent dip in revenue during the third quarter, which we jokingly referred to as the Q3 slump. Interestingly, this coincided with the upswing in the entertainment event market. This got us thinking: why not explore B2C entertainment projects to counterbalance the Q3 dip? However, translating this concept into reality wasn’t exactly a walk in the park.

The thought of allocating our inventory for a six-week stretch in the middle of nowhere, without any guaranteed returns, didn’t sit well with the team. We feared that this move might jeopardize the profitability of our existing projects. Then came the unexpected twist – the pandemic. Suddenly, with no ongoing projects, we found our equipment all dressed-up with nowhere to go.

Introducing Glenlore Trails

Glenlore Trails, an immersive night walk through an illuminated forest, was born. It was not merely an event, but a testament to innovation and adaptability, born from adversity and propelling entertainment into new dimensions. By weaving layers of visuals, enchanting lighting and interactive moments, it became an unforgettable and immersive encounter. The result was astounding. Months of back-to-back sold-out events, and a resoundingly positive response from the community. It was a much-needed silver lining in the midst of challenging times.

In fact, this endeavor was so successful that it gave rise to an entirely new business unit within Bluewater. The momentum didn’t stop there – Glenlore Trails continues to push the boundaries by expanding offerings, lengthening the trails, and enriching the experience with even more layers of content.

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