Using Technology to Fight Crime

Detroit’s 9,000-square-foot Real-Time Crime Center (RTCC) was initially launched in 2016 followed by an expansion in 2019 which included the creation of two smaller satellite real-time crime centers. This high-tech command center plays a central role in how the Detroit Police fight crime across the city. The RTCC includes a 32-by-9-foot video wall that allows staff to watch footage from over 800 businesses and other high-crime locations across the city in real-time. 

The RTCC is linked to the Detroit Police Department’s “Project Green Light”. Project Green Light is an initiative implemented in the city of Detroit to increase public safety and reduce crime. The program involves the installation of high-definition cameras in and around businesses and other public areas, which are monitored by the police department in real-time. Participating businesses display a green light, indicating that they are part of the program and have the cameras installed. The aim of Project Green Light is to provide law enforcement with better tools for identifying and responding to criminal activity, while also creating a safer environment for the community.

The Detroit Police Department reached out to Bluewater looking to increase the size of the display to accommodate for more sources while also allowing for more personnel to monitor the footage. Bluewater was excited to take on this project! Our AV Integration team expanded the video wall by adding 32 new displays to the system which all integrated seamlessly with the existing displays. We also added 12 new Real Time computer stations with local monitor support and replaced the 32′ LED ticker with a larger 64′ LED ticker to cover the entire width of the expanded video wall.

The result was a much larger video wall capable of capturing the many feeds needed to properly survey the city. In total , there are over 4,300 cameras watching over the city of Detroit at any given moment. Bluewater was proud to help the Detroit Police bring this newly upgraded command center to life in hopes that it will bring a positive change and help keep the citizens of Detroit safe.


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