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Earlier this month InfoComm announced that it would be going by a new name. The departure from the 80 year old InfoComm branding is a result of the need to reposition the organization, incorporating all of the elements that are converging around Audiovisual today. The new name? AVIXA. The Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association

AVIXA is a trade organization and a professional society that brings unique value to members. This rebrand initiative was designed to bring many more people into the experience of AV – globally.  The association aims to bring many more types of people together, because everyone these days uses AV. It’s also not just about the tech any longer. It’s about innovation and creativity. It’s about how technology creates experiences. 

Our CEO, Jeff Day, sits on the board for AVIXA. It’s safe to say that he is ecstatic to finally be able to talk about this change, and the future of the association. As an organization, we’re thrilled to see the dialogue around experience creation coming front and center! Below is a short video that outlines these recent changes and touches on what’s in store for the future of AVIXA.

If you’re curious to learn more about AVIXA, Bluewater, or the trends around experience design happening all around the world, feel free to drop us a line!