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In today’s incredibly fast-paced corporate environment, there never seems to be enough hours in the day. From finding time to catch up on admin tasks to actual project execution to yet another meeting that could have been an email, every second counts. But what about those ‘in between’ moments? The minutes spent trying to get a spreadsheet to load for a presentation or waiting for the call-in link to get online in a meeting. Those are precious minutes too, and every minute wasted is a moment of lost focus, productivity, and efficiency. A digital workforce is truly a connected workforce. We’d be happy to speak with you and discuss further your vision for a digital and wireless workforce.

To help combat this inefficient waste of time, innovative teams are turning to integrated solutions that allow users to present wirelessly to any screen through a laptop, tablet, or mobile device. The industry leader in corporate A/V integration, Crestron, recently released the AirMedia Presentation Gateway AM-101 which takes this cord-cutting efficiency to the next level.

Instead of plugging in a laptop, calling into a meeting, or even waiting for the buffering of other wireless screen mirroring solutions, the AM-101 allows users to simply connect via a local wi-fi network for instant streaming of content from a portable device. All it takes is a one-time A/V integration to set up your entire team with seamless, high-resolution streaming capabilities.

With the powerful cordless AM-101 solution, users can now:

Deliver amazingly efficient presentations. Whether you’re presenting a PowerPoint to investors, an Excel spreadsheet to executives, or a video to your team, your content can now render quickly with the AM-101. Users can bring their own devices to meetings to share content that’s in-progress in real-time without having to waste time plugging in. With the AM-101, teams can get those precious moments back into their day to spend on more important efforts than trying to call into a meeting solely for projection abilities.

Stream instantly – regardless of software. Regardless if you’re using an Apple, Android, or PC operating system, you should be able to have the same technological access as your peers. The AM-101 is operating system agnostic and was specifically designed to work with all platforms. For Apple and PC computers, all it takes is connecting to an AirMedia wi-fi network to start streaming. And for mobile devices, a free AirMedia app makes it easy to control streaming at all times. The mobile feature is great for teams on the go, while instant computer access is perfect for planned presentations and meetings.

Establish a culture of innovation. In such a digital-dependant age, every company is clamoring to be the most innovative in the space, but it takes more than just talking about innovation. Thanks to the growing marketplace of corporate collaboration solutions like the Crestron AM-101, teams can finally turn this conversation into action. The AM-101 tool is perfect for wowing on-site customers, partners, and prospects, as well as board member and investors. Plus, because it’s so easy to use, visitors can even take a stab at presenting if they need to.

As businesses of all sizes become more and more dependent on technology – and more pressed for time – it’s solutions like the Crestron AirMedia Presentation Gateway that will make efficient collaboration possible. But, with these innovative solutions comes the requirement that organizations be wired correctly and ready for whatever integrations are necessary. Thankfully, the team at Bluewater has been working with corporate teams for decades to ensure their internal processes are operating at the fullest potential. Want to learn how a wireless presentation gateway can help your team run more efficient meetings? Schedule your one-on-one call with one of our audiovisual integration specialists today!