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There are all sorts of reasons why your company might choose to move sales kickoff meetings to virtual: public health concerns during a pandemic are a big one right now, but geographic and cost limitations and even convenience can also push companies to go virtual.

Yet there’s always a risk of losing out on that in-person excitement and personal touchpoints that make in-person meetings so special. And of course there’s a technical component to going virtual. The tech side is enough to scare some companies away from virtual (or it was, until the pandemic forced their hand).

Whether you’re excited at the prospect of going virtual or you’re nervous, doing it only out of necessity, the stakes are the same: you need to pull off a successful, even impressive, kickoff meeting.

Here’s how to do that using Parallel, a virtual and hybrid events platform built by events professionals.

An Immersive Branded Digital Space

Your virtual sales kickoff meeting needs to be much more polished than a group Zoom call. It needs to impress and inspire, and it needs to look like your brand.

With Parallel, you gain access to an immersive digital event space, one that can be customized and branded to fit your brand image and your specific meeting needs. You can set up multiple spaces, like a main stage for the primary meeting and virtual breakout rooms to examine industry-specific new products. You can set up areas for networking to help make up for the lack of natural networking opportunities like people would have in person.

Whatever features and functions you need your virtual event space to have, Parallel can make it happen.

Live, Interactive, On Demand: Flexible Content Formats to Meet Your Needs

At a highly produced in-person event, you’re likely to use a mix of live presentations, prerecorded (on demand) video), and interactive content (Q&A, product demos, and so on).

So why settle for less when you go virtual?

The best virtual event platforms can accommodate whatever forms of content you want to use. With Parallel, you can go live — from your webcam or a professional-caliber stage. You can also stream pre-recorded video and host live Q&A. And all content can be saved as on-demand, too, adding to whatever catalog of on-demand resources you put in place.

Whatever formats and methods you want to use, Parallel has the flexibility to accommodate them.

Defining Your Virtual Event

Get Metrics on Everything

When you go virtual for your sales kickoff meeting, you might feel like you’re losing a crucial element: audience feedback.

Yes, you’ll likely lose that immediate audience buzz, which can be a useful (if subjective) measure of how a product or announcement registers with your audience. But in exchange, you get more in terms of metrics — a lot more.

When you go virtual with Parallel, you gain next-level insights into event metrics. See how many people attended various sessions or demos, how long the average viewer stuck around, and more. And attendees can still provide measurable feedback based on how various events or sessions are configured.

Keep Everything Organized with a Schedule-Based CMS

When you go digital, you have the ability to upload as much media as your team can produce. But that ability can quickly get out of hand, making it difficult to manage content and next to impossible for your attendees to easily find what they need.

Parallel helps you keep your content organized with a beautiful, easy-to-use schedule-based content management system (CMS). Using our CMS allows you to seamlessly integrate live, prerecorded, and on-demand content. You can also enable unique schedule tracks (for example, an all-hands keynote that splits into industry-specific tracks), surfacing the best-fit or required content for specific users.

See What Parallel Can Do for You

Parallel is the first virtual and hybrid events platform that’s been built by veterans of the live events industry — so it meets the real needs of events teams in a human-centric way, combining the best in modern tech with the context and background of real-world events.The best way to understand what Parallel can do for you is to see it for yourself. Ready to take a look? Let’s schedule a demo today.