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The day is just around the corner where we will return to the live event landscape and gather again. These events may now always have a virtual component to accommodate remote workers, or external teams scattered across the country or even the globe, but live events are already starting to pop of more frequently once again. So, outside of using a virtual platform like Parallel to accommodate those remote attendees, what should you be thinking about when your looking to execute a successful event?

There is undeniably a laundry list of do’s and don’ts in the live event space, but in order to be successful it begins with selecting a partner. There are many potential partners out there, but it really comes down to selecting a partner that is detail oriented and “human”. The human element is crucial. We all know every event has its challenges, but how your event partner responds to those is crucial. Having an event production partner that goes above and beyond from a customer service perspective is vital Whether it’s the need for additional lighting, an extra microphone, or someone who is extremely attentive to the details; the willingness for your partner to go the extra mile for you is vital to flawless execution.

Working with detail oriented individuals also decreases the risk that a mistake or any mistakes will be made. This is especially important for consumer facing brands that are putting on trade-shows, product launches, or any event where customers or outside stakeholders are in attendance. Research has shown that a flawlessly produced event yields greater levels of credibility for the brand, and as much as a 70% increase in customer loyalty.

Make sure you work with your event production partner and are a part of any venue walk throughs. Even if you are just involved in other areas of the event outside of production, it is important to have an understanding of the venue and any potential challenges that might exist. It also allows you to work with your partner on developing things like seating arrangements, recognizing the best acoustical areas, and even allows for an understanding of how presenters might exit or enter certain spaces.

Once the details of the event are confirmed and itinerary’s are complete (an important part of the event in and of itself), we can shift our focus to the content. The last thing anyone wants is an event that leaves attendees unengaged or bored. It is important to present information through exciting and even innovative ways that bring energy to the room. We can all recall that one event we’ve been to where we were simply uninspired. This impacts our thoughts regarding that brand negatively. In an even worse case scenario, maybe we don’t remember that event at all because it simply wasn’t memorable. The goal should always be to leave your attendees feeling inspired, energized, entertained, and more knowledgable. If you haven’t done those four things at the end of an event then you have failed. Live product demonstrations. playing an interactive game, virtual elements, or even multiple Q & A sessions can make all the different between a dud, or a successful event.

Lastly, don’t overlook potential logistical issues that might arise Even the perfectly planned event often encounters challenges on the fly. It’s how you and your event producer handle and respond to those challenges that determine the level of success of the event. There might be a technical glitch, a miscommunication with presenters, a later arriving crowd due to an accident, or even (gasp) a sick presenter. Practice being proactive leading into the event and account for as many contingencies as possible. As long as you’ve chosen the right partner, you’ll be able to handle your specific hurdle that comes up.

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