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We had a chance to work with Tapper’s on their new Somerset location. We added a 3×3 video wall as a main focal point to the store, and connected it corner-to-corner with integrated audio!

Check out what the client had to say about the experience! 


“My name is Paul Rujan. I am the store director here at Tapper’s Diamonds and Fine Jewelry in Somerset. Tapper’s is a provider of luxury goods in the marketplace. We’ve been in business for 40 years.

We decided to add technology to our stores simply because it’s the way of the future. It’s the way people like to be communicated with and to. We connected with Bluewater through our IT group when we decided to redesign the store and incorporate the technology into the store. They came out and were very easy to work with, and really understood our needs.

Bluewater did a lot for us from the very beginning. So, during the whole phase of construction, they came out, and they helped lay out the cabling and really went above and beyond to make sure that the end product was there, and what we needed and what we actually asked for.

The overall reaction has been fantastic. It’s the talk of the mall. It’s really drawn a lot of traffic into our store. People will come and watch the sporting events with us, when there’s something major going on, or just walking by it captures their attention.

We would definitely recommend the technology. It’s really helped us improve our quality of advertising and display in the store. The process working with Bluewater has been really good, and I would recommend Bluewater to others based on our experience throughout this whole project.”

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