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Bluewater was recently announced as the winner of the 2022-2023 Diversity Pacesetter Award at the Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce Black & White Awards Ball. It was a great honor to be recognized for our continuous and forward-thinking efforts pertaining to many different aspects of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). Here at Bluewater, we strongly believe that the word ‘diversity’ isn’t solely limited to physical characteristics such as race or gender, but also includes building and encouraging an inclusive and supportive workplace culture where employees can be authentic and themselves.  In 2022, we conducted diversity training with our managers, began an Integration apprenticeship program, introduced Cloverleaf to understand differing personalities, drafted a supplier diversity policy and focused in on mental health, which are all aspects of creating and sustaining a diverse, inclusive, and valued workforce. Bluewater’s Human Resources Manager Chavonia Wise was thrilled to accept this award on behalf of Bluewater:

It was a pleasure to join Bob in accepting the Diversity Pacesetter Award on Bluewater’s behalf at the Black & White Awards Ball.  I was honored at the opportunity to share an amazing evening with members of our surrounding community. I am so proud of our continual efforts in recognizing diversity and inclusion in a multitude of ways. I truly believe we flourish best when our teams are the most unique and freely themselves. I am confident that a defined focus on a more diverse and inclusive workplace is the best path forward. Bluewater already shines bright with varying personalities, perspectives, and bold creativity and I am looking forward to seeing how we continue to grow.

diversity award

Photo courtesy of Mark Einhaus with Media Hero

As an organization that is frequently prompted for creativity, it is imperative that we create a space that harbors the most diverse thoughts and ideas. We take pride in how we represent ourselves throughout the community with a strong emphasis on our diverse and all-inclusive staff. Learn more about Bluewater’s diversity efforts.