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As a proud women-owned company, Bluewater was honored to attend and produce the 2024 WBENC National Conference in Denver this year. We sat down with Jaime McAlear, Bluewater’s VP of Operational Excellence and Strategic Initiatives, to get an insider’s perspective on this inspiring event.  

A Personal Connection to Denver 

“Denver has always been a favorite travel destination for me and my family, so I was honored to attend WBENC’s Amplify Conference this year with Bluewater. As a bonus, I was able to see some of the action and hustle of the Bluewater Live Events team, who played an instrumental part in bringing the conference to life!” 

The Energy of WBENC’s Amplify Conference 

With over 4,500 attendees and hundreds of companies represented at the business expo, the WBENC Amplify Conference was a hub of excitement and opportunity. Jaime noted,

“Walking into the show, every participant was eager to learn, meet, and talk business! The venue was buzzing with energy, adorned with vibrant signage and state-of-the-art AV flair that added a dynamic touch to every session and presentation.” 

Empowering Future Leaders 

One standout moment for Jaime was the Collegiate Accelerator Pitch Competition.

“It was inspiring to hear about the ideas and passion that these ladies have for their startups. My favorite? INVSTD – a mobile food grocer that services food deserts!” 

Conversations That Matter 

Diversity and inclusion were significant themes throughout the conference. Jaime shared,

“Everyone I spoke to wanted to learn more about our business, our history, and share their firsthand experiences in the spirit of helping other powerful women.” 

Celebrating the Bluewater Team 

“First and foremost, I am extremely proud of our Live Events team who delivered an amazing WBENC experience. The 4,500+ women attendees are true movers and shakers, and giving them a supporting platform to share their stories and learn from other influential women really humbles me.”  

Leadership Insights from Jaime McAlear 

Jaime’s leadership philosophy is centered around empowering others.

“My leadership style is never about me. It’s about encouraging others to find their success, doing my best to listen, learn, and understand, finding great people, and entrusting them to make wise decisions. I would rather have people talk about a great team than be called a good leader. This is success for me!” 

Advice for Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs 

Jaime offers valuable advice for aspiring women entrepreneurs: 

Follow Your Passion:

“When you love what you do, it truly shows, and people notice.” 

Be Authentic:

“Lean into your strengths and manage areas where you are less strong differently.” 

Network and Build Your Support Crew:

“You’ll get there so much faster with some help.” 

Looking Ahead to 2024 

As we look forward to 2024, Jaime is excited both personally and professionally.

“From a professional lens, there’s a lot happening here at Bluewater and our company continues to raise the bar on brand activations, events, and permanent AV installations. We do incredible work, and I am really looking forward to feeling the successes of our teams!” 

A Commitment to Empowering Women 

The WBENC Amplify Conference is the largest of its kind for women-owned businesses, bringing together thousands of members of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) network. Bluewater is proud to be part of this empowering event and to continue supporting the growth and success of women in business. Stay tuned for more updates and behind-the-scenes insights from our team at Bluewater as we continue to innovate and inspire in the world of live events and beyond!