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Our Bluewater University summer interns have been working tirelessly on their group project, and we are so excited to finally share with you what they’ve come up with! The project, Star Wars Night, is a live event at Jimmy John’s Field on August 3rd. The interns had one goal: to create a moving experience that enhanced and complimented the baseball game. We think they hit it out of the park, but we’ll let you be the final judge. Below is an overview of what they came up with.

Magic Door

This freestanding door frame holds a secret: it’s a lot of fun to open! This installation can transport you anywhere in the world, and beyond! It is easy to brand and the sky is the limit for content. For Star Wars Night, our interns created four original scenes to bring participants to galaxies far, far away.

Fast Pitch GIF Share

This experience bridges the gap between the event theme and the event itself by letting fans throw their best fastball. While throwing, a brand ambassador will capture an animated GIF using an app. The best part is that this is turned into a shareable digital takeaway! Participants can choose to get the GIF emailed or texted to them and have the ability to share it across social media.

Social Wall

Speaking of social media, fans at the event will have a chance to interact with each other and see themselves up on our social wall! This activation can be branded for any event, and it populates messages from Twitter and Instagram based on hashtags. For Star Wars Night, we’ll be monitoring #bwCARES2017 along with a few others to aggregate content on the big screen!

Photo Booth

Our interns took the photo booth to the next level this year! Not only is the photo itself branded, but there is also a green screen set up to bring the subject into different worlds! After the photo is taken, participants can have it printed on the spot, and have the option to share it out on their social media channels!  

 All of these activations join forces to create an immersive, branded experience! Make sure to subscribe to get updates on how this event went. Wondering how your next event can be transported to another galaxy? Drop us a line!