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Event planning: Two words that can put even the most seasoned marketers on edge. Planning events can be exhilarating, overwhelming, frustrating, and unbelievably satisfying. The mixed emotion stems from one single, unavoidable predicament — events occur at a singular point in time. We plan for months or even years to execute the perfect series of events at a specific point in time, and after all that time spent planning, we only get one chance to pull it off.

I know the feeling of butterflies in my stomach all too well, whether from working in the event space on a day-to-day basis with clients or hosting some of our own high-profile events. Whether it’s a monthly company town hall meeting, a customer appreciation event, a creative demonstration, or the continuous trade show circuit, I’m responsible for all of them. Fortunately, along the way, I’ve managed to distill some of the necessary ingredients that make the great events stand out. In planning your next event, make sure to include:

1. Content…so much content:

Content is the heart of every event. It’s a broad term that includes a few categories, such as story and messaging, communications, and the visual look and feel. Whether you’re putting on an event for entertainment or corporate communications, the point is to share some type of content and make connections. Ensuring you have a content strategy put together goes a long way toward perfecting an event. Not enough content will make the event seem too light, but too much and you risk losing the audience.

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