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Event, Concert Production, and Entertainment Services

Production prowess for complex events.

As a hybridized live events production company, we’ve delivered across numerous special event types nationwide; customer experience tours, large-scale corporate events, mixed concert/ live music engagement experiences, and 20 years of North American Auto Show tours & events. We apply the same technology-forward design principles and years of proven production services to ensure even the most complex tours and demanding entertainment events run like clockwork. 

We bring full account, production, logistics, design & fabrication teams to the table to provide full-service support for tours and entertainment events.  Our easy and open communication channels​​ help keep events moving smoothly from pre-production through to the last event. 

Additionally, access to the Bluewater creative, software, and experience design teams bring additional benefit and streamlined production for touring and entertainment programs, bringing the overall complexity for organizers down  and meeting your specific needs. We know how live event productions work in order to facilitate an incredible experience for all involved.


At a glance

Event production management to support touring and entertainment. 

  • Environment Design 
  • Stage Design
  • Equipment Rental 
  • Tour Logistics 
  • Technical Labor 

How it's used

Environment Design

From the main stage to the concourse, we make it easy to visualize what your event will look like. What technology, what physical properties, and how it all lays out in each space. 

  • Stage Lighting & Design
  • Printed Graphics
  • Show Services
  • Stage & Set Design
  • Furniture

Stage Design

From simple well lit static backdrops, to immersive digital canvases we provide our partners with options for stage design to ensure their messaging is seen all. 

  • 3D Renders
  • Set & Scenic
  • Engineering
  • Presentation Content
  • Special Effects

Equipment Rental

Access to clean, high-quality audiovisual equipment and all of the supporting peripherals that are required to support a tour. Whether renting, purchasing, or leasing equipment we assist our clients with the best financial choice. 

  • Projection 
  • LED
  • Video Walls
  • Switching & Routing
  • Media Servers
  • Lighting
  • Audio 
  • Rigging & Staging

Tour Logistics

Both tours and entertainment events share one thing in common; there is a lot of planning involved. We provide full coordination and project management for show labor, travel, and other vendor management through our show services group.

  • Travel Coordination
  • Labor Coordination
  • Permitting
  • Trucking
  • Vendor Management
  • CAD & Engineering

Technical Labor

Touring & entertainment events can be demanding; the complexity of the technology is often amplified with a compressed timeline for setup and teardown. We build a technical support team to assist these types of events from pre-production through every stop they make.  

  • Rigging & Setup
  • Load in / Load out
  • Run of Show
  • Technical Direction
  • Temporary Networks

Our approach

Tours can be a challenge to navigate. There are often multiple deliverables at play at any given point in the planning process; developing the show schedule, planning for pre and post show communication, staff travel coordination, arranging show services, ensuring proper training, coordinating on-site technical support, and of course all of the required design, build, and setup of the show itself. 

You don’t need to let planning or technical coordination distract you from what really matters though. Bluewater is a full service production company and our team successfully supports some of the largest events in the world, both live and virtual events, and even hybrid. We make the show process easier by taking on whatever portion of the lift that’s required. Whether that’s just providing access to modern AV equipment to support your message, or creating custom brand activations to draw in and retain a crowd so you can focus on what really matters – the client interactions and telling your story.

Contact Bluewater today to discuss your event. 


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