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Collaboration Tools

Do better together.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been dramatically changing the landscape for business over the last few years. Both the rate of adoption and advances in the software layer have been increasing at exponential rates. The result is an expectation for increased connectivity. The modern workforce expects the same experience working up the street at a coffee shop or halfway around the world, as they have with colleagues when they’re in the same room. Collaboration tools allow us to make sharing of information as fluid as possible, and extend the experience beyond just video chat. 

The tools in this category range from wireless presentation systems, which allow multiple people to locally share content, to full interactive whiteboards that can be seen from multiple locations at once – as if you were all in the same room. The same whiteboard experience can be sent real time to remote participants on their laptops, or other digital whiteboards. With all parties interacting with the content in real time you can ensure the message sent is the message received. 

At a glance

Technology to enable better collaboration between parties regardless of physical location. 

  • Wireless Presentation Systems 
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Room Connectivity
  • Large Format Touchscreens
  • Laptop Expansion

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How it's used

Wireless Presentation Systems

These gateways allow you to connect your laptop or mobile device to a larger display without plugging in. Some gateways allow for multiple people to connect simultaneously so you can share more, faster.  

  • Crestron AirMedia 
  • Mersive Solstice
  • Barco Clickshare
  • Extron ShareLink

Digital Whiteboards

Hold meetings with remote parties and share information as if you were all in the same room, working off the same whiteboard.  

  • T1V Thinkhub
  • Microsoft Surface Hub
  • Epson BrightLink 
  • Sharp Aquos Board

Room Connectivity

Sometimes you just need to take what’s on your laptop and share it with a larger audience. Use familiar software like Zoom or Skype with the built in room camera, display, and audio systems. 

  • Room Camera 
  • Room Audio 
  • USB & HDMI Connectivity

Our approach

Collaboration technology can be a difficult thing to navigate, but our approach is simple: help you make sense of what’s available and deploy a system that will be adopted by even the most non-technical users.

We consult with our clients to discuss communication & collaboration requirements on every project. This is most often conversation with leadership or technical teams, but frequently becomes an end user study to assess needs. From there our clients generally spend time exploring the options hands-on to understand what the technology can do for them and determine what they actually need vs what sounds nice to have.

Sometimes the needs and solutions are simple and we have extensively engineered solutions ready to go – but for a more unique use case our engineers will design complete systems around the specific requirements. Once installed our support team works to train end users, and deliver any required reference materials and documentation.

Opportunity Alignment
What’s the desired outcome? Where are the guardrails?

Collaborative process to create directional agreement & scope of work.

Dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Deliver on our joint statement of work.

Support & Measure
Bring it full circle to generate maximum impact.

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