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Hybrid Event Offerings

Explore the Options.The Perfect Companion to Live Events

Hybrid Meetings & Events

These events aren’t your standard virtual events that you came to know during the pandemic. Hybrid events in 2022 and beyond are the perfect complement to the live event landscape that has undeniably returned. So many of our clients live events also have needs to support remote attendees in an effort to expand the reach of their event. 

It can be the perfect solution for town halls, company updates, executive summits, and even larger general sessions. Our Parallel virtual event platform offers a variety of features and is cost effective, when compared to the competition. Learn more today about how a hybrid solution might be exactly what your live event and its attendees need. 

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Gamifying Your Event

As audiences evolve, the ability to connect live attendees with remote participants becomes paramount. Our digital passport feature allows for greater interaction possibilities and provides an effortless way to engage attendees of all types in  method that is informational, fun, and will leave a lasting impact.

Content That Lives Beyond The Event

Our  platform is able to serve as a repository for all of your assets associated to your even. From photos, to data, to documents, and presentations. Even if you don’t have remote attendees, the ability to house your assets for in-person attendees to revisit after the event can provide clarity and recall. We’ve even had clients who house keynote speeches or videos of secondary stage speakers for attendees to revisit later if they missed these presentations live. This also provides the opportunity for those who were invited to the event and couldn’t attend to still have access to the information thus expanding your reach.

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