Diversity = Creativity = Profitability

Until The 3% Movement came along, only 3% of all U.S. Creative Directors were women. This statistic is what rallied Kat Gordan into action. Gordan created the movement as a means to “change the ratio,” with a target of reaching a 50% ratio of diversity in creative leadership positions. It’s working. That number has risen from 3% to 11% in just a few short years, and will continue to climb as they provide agencies with a clear road map of ways to champion female creative talent and leadership.

The movement works through a mix of content, community and professional development. This includes a 2-day annual fall conference, which last took place in Chicago. The strategic event planners at Proper Planning we’re responsible for overseeing the development of this program, and partnered with Bluewater to bring the event to life.

Bluewater had the opportunity to be the AV and technology supplier for 7th annual 3% conference. Taking direction, advice, and ideas from both Proper Planning and the 3% Movement we were able to help elevate the experience of the event through immersive lighting, colorful stage design, and world class event production.

You can’t miss the ballroom. You can’t miss the stage with the scenic lighting all over the dome on the stage, and the LED wall makes such an impact.

On the main stage, a large scale LED wall was deployed as a central canvas for the event. The entire ballroom was washed with light to help create a dramatic and immersive environment for the conference attendees. Full production support included audio reinforcement, presentation playback, and all of the technical expertise to execute this multi-day event.

With the main stage providing such an immediate impact, the event planners knew they needed to carry that feeling throughout the rest of the conference. To facilitate Bluewater provided uplighting throughout the venue at key areas of impact, and audiovisual support for 3 individual breakout rooms. Support for these rooms included presentation playback, audio support, and scenic to help tie the space back to the main ballroom and overall event theme.

We’ve been so impressed with the level of Bluewater’s service. All the way from the point of sale to execution, they have done a really great job. It’s been a great partnership, all the missing pieces we had before are now complete.

The content from this conference is extremely important, and getting it beyond the walls of the venue was a priority. To accomplish this the event planners created a “conference in a box” approach, where everything was documented and shared online so that the message could continue to be shared as the particpants head back home. With such a beautiful backdrop, this years content was sure to continue making an impact long after the event.

If you haven’t checked out the 3% movement and what they stand for, you should head over to their website now. Or, even better, register to attend their next event!


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