When one of the top NBA franchises in the country opens a new training facility, you can be sure that the specifications and details required of the facility will be equally top notch.

After all, success in sports starts with health and training. So, when Bluewater teamed up with LAL Property, LLC to help outfit the LA Lakers Training Facility with audiovisual systems throughout, we focused on qualityhigh-performance capabilities first and foremost. 

The construction of this project not only came with strict systems performance specifications of the construction documents, but the creation of a new practice and healthy facility also required vendors to work around the schedule of the team. Throughout the project, our team at Bluewater did as we added new sound systems for the main practice performance facility, as well as sound distribution through the building. We also provided a new broadcast cabling system and RF Assistive Listening system throughout the facility. 

The result was a truly state-of-the-art fully functioning small arena and basketball training facility for the LA Lakers that could house 750 spectators around the main court. Our high-powered sound system allows the facilities managers to easily control game and audio playback, broadcast game and press briefings across the broadcast cabling system and feature an assistive listening system as required by the ADA. 

However, it’s not just the courtside system that first class. The back-of-the-house system also allows for zoned audio, as well as local audio sources, to be broadcast throughout the building, including locker rooms, weight rooms, office areas, and meeting rooms.  

Bluewater is proud to help create a training facility that enables the LA Lakers and their staff to be the best they can be, on and off the training court. If you want to learn more about Bluewater’s sports and entertainment capabilities, contact us today! 


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