Power up with Adidas Boost technology.

If you haven’t tried on a pair of the Adidas shoes with boost, you’re really missing out! Boost is Adidas latest shoe-tech, providing an energy returning foam midsole that changes the experience of.. well, anything you enjoy doing in athletic shoes.

To help promote the new boost product line and educate target markets on the new performance enhancing features, Adidas and agency Match Marketing Group put together a unique dome pop-up retail experience and set out on a 14-stop Fall tour. With ideas in mind the group set out to find a partner to support the technology requirements.

The team at Bluewater brought some brand activation love, supercharging the experience with custom games, photo activations, and of course followed along providing on-site technical support for the duration of the tour.


Getting College students interested in things outside of their new college experience can be a challenge. Thankfully brand activations can offer some assist in this department. One of the activations we developed for this tour was a photo activation dubbed “Boost-Your-Selfie.” Bluewater designed the entire experience around a large format touchscreen, so participants could get a preview of the shot before it was taken, and provide contact information for delivery of their photo.

On the server side the image was processed using some 3D techniques that mapped the participants face, and recreated them out of “Boost” pellets – the material that makes up the new Boost soles. The images captured were shared around the web, and the activation consistently kept a crowd.

Momentum Wall

The next activation up on the list is the Momentum Wall. This endless runner style branded game offered guests a chance to try out the new boost shoes as they ran in place, offering a much more controlled experience, in a manageable footprint. The game was built around a 2×4 video wall with displays in portrait orientation to provide a full body canvas, and Microsoft Kinect technology to track hand position for collecting power ups and foot movement to engage game propulsion. On the floor was an acrlyic panel outfit with LED elements that lit up and moved along with the player.

Participants played for high score, determined by speed of run and the number of power ups collected. This information was displayed back between games on a leaderboard. Additionally, during gameplay an animated GIF was created out of the Kinect sensor data. This animation, along with their score, was sent to the player after for share around the web.

For both of these activations the team at Bluewater provided a complete scope including;

  • Hardware Engineering & Fulfillment
  • Custom Programming
  • Design Prep & Programming
  • On-site Technical Support


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