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The team at 3% Movement is all about moving forward from where they started —in this case, 3%

When the 3% Movement Conference first started, only 3% of Creative Directors were women, and very few were people of color. But the 3% Conference wasn’t just created for women or people of color. It’s for everyone, because in a world where up to 80% of consumer spending is influenced by women, and 60% of social media sharing, every business should be wanting to grow that 3%.

Now in its 8th year, the conference has built a highly engaged community of 35,000 men and women, and have helped raise the number of female Creative Directors to 29% — all while also giving agencies a clear road map for championing female creative leadership through their 2-day annual conference, which features four tracks, dozens of speakers, and one unifying purpose: diversity = creativity = profitability.

3% Movement Conference

For the second year in a row, Bluewater Technologies was honored to team up with the 3% Movement Conference to help with their production and AV needs. After all, when you’re hosting a conference specifically targeted to creative professionals from the worlds of advertising, marketing, PR, tech, nonprofits, and more, creative and state-of-the-art execution is everything.

“What’s unique about the 3% Conference is that you’re producing a show for creatives, so you have a very discriminating audience. I always say that the content is, of course, so poignant, but also this show looks beautiful. This audience cares about aesthetics and Bluewater delivers that at such a grand scale on our main stage and throughout the show.”

3% Movement Conference AV

When it came time to plan this year’s annual event, wsat down with the strategic event planners at Proper Planning, who were responsible for overseeing the development of this program. Together,we collaborated on howto build upon the immersive experience that we created for their previous conference and elevate it for their 2019 event — including a major design change to the shape of the main stage LED wall.

We can’t produce a show without our vendor partners, and we look for partners that are smart, passionate, committed to excellence, and focused on collaboration in the truest sense of partnership. We rely on a partner to bring ideas to us. That’s the collaboration piece. We have a vision of what the show is going to be overall, but to have Bluewater engage at a high-level of innovation around best practices, best looks, best gear, cost efficiencies… those are all super key elements that we look for and Bluewater delivers.”

In addition to collaborating on the improvements to the main LED wall, Bluewater also had to opportunity to provide the full production, includingaudio, lighting, video recording, livestreaming, and stage management, for the Aon Grand Ballroom, where the entireconference came together to listen to keynote speakers and gather for the main event programming.The result was a dramatic, diverse stage that served as a branded focus point for the event.

3% Conference Session

The Bluewater team also provided video, audio, and lighting for three breakout rooms that were used for different tracks throughout the conferences. 

“One of the things that I value the most about Bluewater is that they bring ideas to us. I love a partner that can teach us how to use technology in a really new and exciting way. That feels like true partnership. I have complete trust in them and their ability, and I have confidence that they can interpret the direction that I’m giving them and make it happen on site.”

The entrustment of the 3% Conference in Bluewater to execute their production and AV needs not only gave creative attendees an elevated, fun experience, but allowed the 3% Conference team to focus on what really matters  creating a real change through content, community, and professional development. As a result, they’ve been able to help raise the number of female Creative Directors from 3% to 29%, thanks to the impact and influence of this amazing event that we feel so lucky to be a part of.

Check out The 3% Movement’s website for more information or to register for 2020’s 3% Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.


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