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End of Year Offerings

From Holiday Parties, to Virtual Meetings, & Even On-Site Covid Testing

We know it’s been a long year for many organizations. As we continued to push back against the global pandemic, we witnessed meetings & events starting to happen again. We also saw many companies resume some variation of in-office work. Many of us started meeting with clients again, and a glimpse of what normal looked like returned for many.

You may be thinking about having that company holiday party again. While you might not know whether you’re going to have it in-person, remote, or a hybrid of both, you are leaning towards having it again. Bluewater has you covered with a variety of options.

Our live events team will come to your office, your parking lot, or any venue that you choose and handle all of your AV needs. We’ve even had requests for outdoor themed events. We can deliver on those too. We’re here for everything from production, to creative support, and we even offer, on-site Covid testing. If a remote, or hybrid event is in order, our Parallel virtual platform can deliver all of your holiday party needs. Finally, if you’re looking for a night out for your team and are local to Metro Detroit; reserving our Glenlore Trails Aurora immersive experience might be the perfect end of year party location. We can even help take care of the catering.

At a glance

Everything you need to make this holiday unforgettable & safe for your organization

  • In-Person Holiday Parties
  • Remote/Virtual Holiday Parties
  • Hybrid Holiday Parties
  • End-of-Year Town Halls
  • Experiential & Immersive Events
  • Year-End Corporate Meetings
  • On-Site Covid Testing

Our End of Year Offerings

In Person Events & Experiences

If an in-person holiday party or event is in your plans for this year, we have many options. Our Glenlore Trails immersive Aurora winter wonderland experience is available for reservation. We’ll even take care of catering, and a warming space for your employees & attendees. Maybe you want to do something more formal at your office or at an off-site venue. We can handle all of the AV needs and the creative for events like that as well. Lastly, if you’re looking to run a town hall, or end-of-year meeting we can produce, plan, deliver creative support. and even manage the event on-site.¬†

  • Off-Site Immersive Experiences
  • On-Site Immersive Experiences
  • Glenlore Trails Aurora Winter Wonderland
  • Traditional Holiday Parties
  • AV Needs for any Party or Meeting
  • End-of-Year Town Halls
  • Broadcast & Streaming Meetings

Remote or Hybrid Virtual Events

If you need to go fully remote this holiday season, or you’re looking for a hybrid way to accommodate remote and in-person workers, then look no further than our Parallel virtual events platform. It’s fully customizable to your needs, and can offer a truly festive virtual holiday experience.¬†

  • Custom Content
  • Gamification
  • Integrate your Brand
  • Space for Virtual/Hybrid Meetings
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Virtual Warming House to Integrate Food for Attendees
  • Holiday Themed
  • Networking Space
  • Able to Host a General Session

On-Site Covid Testing

Through our partnership with Bella Health & Live Person, we are able to offer rapid, on-site testing for any meeting, or holiday party attendees. If safety is of utmost importance to you and your colleagues this is the perfect solution to implement for your holiday get-togethers. Results in seconds, and an app based approval process will have everyone in attendance feeling safe and secure. 

  • Results in Seconds
  • Easy to Download App
  • Guest Registration¬†
  • Live Chat Support

Make The Season Merry & Bright for your Employees…