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Character Design Services

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One of our core company axioms is to simply: “Make people smile.” We’ve been doing that for years with the charecters we’ve built in all sorts of environemtns and formats. From little kids dancing with a friendly moose on their way to see Santa, to dancing with skeletons in the woods inside our Glenlore trails you’re your brand is looking for ways to make your customers smile… we’ve got you. From design to rigging and all the creative and production touchponts in between we’re ready to ignite your brand’s storytelling potential with Bluewater’s expert character design services, seamlessly incorporating our proven ADEM – The Strategy + Action Model™️ into every project. Our team of talented artists, visionary designers, and strategic thinkers collaborate to create custom characters that entertain, inspire, and connect with audiences of all ages while amplifying your brand’s unique message and identity.

Align: We kick off the process by actively listening to your vision, objectives, and brand story, ensuring that our understanding is in complete harmony with your aspirations. By engaging in open dialogue and asking clarifying questions, we capture the essence of your brand and lay a strong foundation for the development of unforgettable characters.

Design: With a deep understanding of your brand’s unique personality and goals, our skilled character designers and creative minds work together to craft captivating characters that resonate with your target audience and seamlessly align with your brand’s identity. We explore various styles, techniques, and concepts to create original characters that bring your brand’s story to life. Our design phase results in a comprehensive project plan that outlines the creative direction and execution details.

Execute: With a well-thought-out plan and resources at the ready, our team meticulously crafts each character, ensuring that every detail is impeccably rendered to reflect your brand’s unique message and vision. From concept sketches to final character artwork, rigging, and animation, we bring your characters to life and infuse them with the power to entertain and inspire.

Monitor: Our commitment to your brand’s success extends beyond the creation of your custom characters. We continue to monitor and analyze the effectiveness of your character assets, providing ongoing support and updates as needed to ensure that your characters remain relevant, impactful, and aligned with your brand’s goals.

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