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AV For Higher Education

Connecting Campus Communities with Faculty & Remote Learners

At the heart of every thriving college or university community is the students and their need for connectivity in an often global landscape . The faster they are able to share ideas with one another, have vibrant virtual discourse, or guide a presentation, the more they are able to absorb and learn in the long run.

Students and faculty have focused on collaboration for years, but today’s highly remote learning structures at many colleges and universities have placed technology at the forefront of the physical classroom experience. Schools no longer have a choice regarding becoming highly connected. The blended virtual classroom is here to stay.

A connected college or university can emphasize connectivity needs throughout their facilities. This can include placing digital signage throughout their buildings to share university or world news. It can also include in classroom technology such as touch-less interactive displays, or audio connectivity. In many instances it can also include remote collaboration tools in breakout, and small huddle rooms built for study groups.

At a glance

Everything you need to make audio calls to classmates, connect with faculty via video, and share content locally or with remote participants.

  • Room Displays
  • Rom Audio
  • Video Conferencing
  • Laptop Connectivity
  • Room Scheduling
  • Room Control
  • Digital Whiteboards
  • Lobby & Atrium Signage
  • LED Walls
  • In classroom wireless video conferencing

How AV is used in Higher Education

Small Huddle/Breakout Rooms

Perfect for student study sessions, or small breakouts for project coordination, our huddle spaces can be customized to fit your campus needs. With everything from collaboration tools, remote learning access via cameras, displays, and microphones, to digital white boards, we have everything the huddle space needs in the higher education landscape. 

  • Visual Displays
  • Wired / Wireless Connectivity
  • Make Phone Calls
  • Make Video Calls
  • Room Scheduling
  • Room Control
  • Present Class Projects

Classrooms & Lecture Halls

Everything you need to communicate & collaborate locally in the classroom, and with students and faculty that might be joining a lecture or lab fro a remote location. Make calls, video conference, share laptop content, connect your remote participants to interactive whiteboards; it can all be done with a Bluewater Solution

  • Touch Displays
  • Digital Whiteboards 
  • Guided Control Systems
  • Advanced Audio Processing
  • Video Conferencing
  • Phone Calls 
  • Room Scheduling 
  • Wired / Wireless Connectivity
  • Guest AV Access

Lobby & Concourse

The lobby is the first thing both your current students & prospective students see when they arrive. You need to build a memorable experience to recruit new students as well, so the lobby experience becomes vital. Use digital signage or LED walls to welcome guests, notify students of upcoming calendars or guest speakers, and even broadcast news, or other important content. These types of installations may also include  welcome centers or even an athlete recruiting complex

  • LED Wall 
  • Digital Signage 
  • Guest Registration 
  • Arrival Notifications

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