Focus on your message, let us worry about the logistics.

We love when there’s lots of moving parts. Equipment, content, in-field activations – it’s the logistics of events that gets us up in the morning and that’s exactly why we’re in this crazy business. We’ve been helping leaders like you take the stage for over 30 years, to deliver the stories that resonate at an emotional level and generate action within an audience.

On top of having one of the largest rental & staging inventories in the country, with new equipment being added yearly, we have some of the best technicians in the business. More importantly, our process has been dialed in so that you can focus on the message you’re looking to deliver, while we handle everything else required to get your message punching through. 

Corporate Events

A platform for communication.

These events can go by plenty of names; general session, forum, keynote, conference, town hall, gala, press event - or just meeting. Regardless of what you call it, staged events provide the best platform for communicating information to a captive audience. For over 30 years, Bluewater has support B2B events with everything required to stage large format meetings, wherever they’re held.

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Tradeshow Support

Technology & on-site support.

While the technology requirements for tradeshows are ever evolving, there are a few things that don’t ever go out of style. One is easy access to modern, clean equipment to support your booth. Second, is strategy and activations that will attract an audience so you can make connections. We provide a suite of services for tradeshows that allow your team to focus on making those connections, while we help generate a buzz to draw in the crowd.

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Brand Activation

Immersive experiences.

Our favorite events are the ones designed to generate a buzz. They blend communication elements of a general session, with the excitement of custom tradeshow activations, to help spread an idea, share a message, and create interest. Through our platform, we’re uniquely positioned to develop and execute these type of brand immersion events.

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