Acquire new customers, maintain existing.

This is the experience machine. Combine content + robotics + social integration + development teams led by a hypercreative consultative approach and the result is pure magic. Our brand activation team develop interactive engagements for brands looking to generate excitement and wonder for their audiences.

Our experiential team is built from a proven mix of producers, project managers, programmers and artists all who excel at weaving together emerging interactive technologies to create truly unique experiences. From motion visuals for projection mapping to custom game design to enhance the fan experience, there is always something exciting happening at this intersection.

Activation Playbook

An overview of activation technologies & use cases.

If you're new to the world of brand activations, or looking for some more readily available concepts, this is a good place to start. Our Activation Playbook outlines some of the most common brand activation technologies.

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In-Field Activations

Hit the streets, hard.

Increase brand recognition with custom experiences outside of the office. Retail locations, roadshows, and tours are a few areas we look to activate.

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In-Building Activations

Brand stories, right at home.

Your brand should be accessible to employees & visitors as soon as they walk through the door. Add interactivity or socially driven content to kick up the engagement in any venue.

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Walmart Essence Festival

Bringing Maritime History to Life

Detroit ’67

Detroit Jersey Reveal

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