A Decade of Difference

Until the 3% Movement came along, only 3% of Creative Directors were women. And very few were people of color. The 3% Conference is still going strong after a decade. 10 years, 28 events, and 29% female Creative Directors is huge progress! Bluewater is proud to have been a part of this successful movement helping with the production and AV needs for their annual 3% conference for the past few years in addition to a fully virtual event during the pandemic.

“Bluewater has been a great partner for us. Their team is rock solid, really one of the best in the business. The team’s ability to adjust and meet the challenge of going hybrid was unmatched. The Bluewater Team is very solution focused and cutting edge in terms of the solutions are able to offer.”


The 3% Conference is rich in thought-provoking discussions, and compelling stories from speakers at the forefront of creative industries. Because this event is a show for creatives, it was important for the Bluewater Team to deliver an event that not only ran smoothly but also looked impressive aesthetically. Our team was responsible for the full production, including audio, lighting, video recording, livestreaming, and stage management. The event was an absolute success! The Bluewater Team is honored to be part of this successful event and movement that has helped raise the number of female Creative Directors from 3% to 29%. Now that the 3% movement’s goals have been met, the founder is pivoting to new channels and moving into new verticals with hopes of delivering their message even further.


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