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COVID-19 has forced everyone and every organization to rethink countless aspects of life and business. Families have restructured life around “work from home” and are partaking in school remotely in many instances. Companies, public entities and municipalities have all been forced to make significant changes in compared to the way things were pre-pandemic

One thing that’s starting to become clear is that some of these changes likely aren’t going away when the pandemic subsides, at least not entirely. Society is likely to pay closer attention to sanitation and the potential spread of disease for years to come.

At Bluewater, we’re proud to help businesses and entities of all sorts and sizes navigate many of the changes the past year has brought them. We’ve supported many businesses as their experiential events went virtual, and we’re here to continue doing so as events begin to go hybrid and eventually shift back to live.

But that’s not the only area where we’ve been offering support. Our health & safety group has been arming businesses and municipalities alike with tools to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Below, we’ll highlight some of these efforts and showcase two types of solutions that could improve safety in your physical spaces — and even in your city.

Hygienic Plastic Seats for Public Transit

Public transit took a beating during the COVID-19 pandemic. But in many major cities, public transit isn’t optional. It’s the only feasible way for some people to get to their places of work.

One issue facing many municipalities is how to efficiently sanitize their public transit vehicles, from buses, to light rail, to even subway cars. Porous cloth and foam seats aren’t uncommon in public transit scenarios, but these seats are a nightmare for public transit sanitization. and for cleaning services to actually disinfect. Any kind of liquid spray soaks into the cushions, creating challenges both with sanitation and just basic functionality. (No one wants to sit on a soggy subway seat, especially one that smells like industrial cleaner!)

Bluewater’s Public Transit Seating Solution

Bluewater now offers custom plastic/vinyl composite seating for public transit. Over the past year, we have completed conversion projects in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Edmonton, Alberta. In both cities, we removed all of their cloth-based light rail seating and replaced it with a custom blend of plastic and vinyl.

Minneapolis’s Metro Transit announced the switch in December 2020, pointing out that wet Minnesota weather already led to soggy cloth seats. The difficulty of sanitizing those seats according to COVID-19 protocols was another factor in making the switch.

Our public transit seating is far more sanitary and much simpler to clean because it’s a non-porous product that can be easily wiped down and disinfected safely with a variety of cleaners.

Our seating offering is the ideal solution for public transit systems looking for a way to implement better public transit sanitization in the wake of a pandemic. It can withstand multiple cleanings and multiple cleaning products throughout the day. With better and more frequent cleaning, you’ll increase overall sanitation. You’ll also increase your riders’ confidence in the safety of using public transit.

Read more about our work with Metro Transit in Minneapolis in the Star Tribune and check out the before and after photos below!

Minneapolis Light Rail Seating (Before)

Minneapolis Light Rail Seating (After)

Sterilization Solutions for Shopping Carts and Wheelchairs

Businesses of all sorts scrambled during 2020 to find ways to sanitize and sterilize high-touch surfaces, especially shared instruments like shopping carts and wheelchairs. Hospitals, healthcare facilities, and your local grocery stores were still some of the most high touch areas in our lives during the pandemic. They are places were viruses easily spread and large amounts of people still congregate. You can walk into a big box store tomorrow and likely find some kind of sanitation measures in place as a result, even if it’s just a self-service box of sanitizing wipes.

Many businesses are still looking for a better and more reliable long-term solution for sterilizing these items. A solution that doesn’t involve an endless supply of wipes going into landfills (or worse, strewn about your parking lot) would be far better.

We have good news for you: this solution now exists, and we can provide it to you today. Bluewater now offers the Bluewater UVC Sterilizing Shopping Cart System, which can sterilize shopping carts and even wheelchairs using the power of ultraviolet light in under a minute.

Our next-gen sterilization solution uses UVC light to provide medical-grade sterilization, and it’s refreshingly simple to use. The system is automated, cleaning anywhere from one to 30 carts or wheelchairs in just seconds to minutes (depending on volume).

This system has been proven to kill COVID-19, and it doesn’t require time-consuming manual labor from a team member. With our automated system in place, you’ll free up the team members assigned to cart-wiping duty to focus on something more critical.

Read more about our Soteria Cart & Wheelchair Sterilization System Here! Or better yet…See it in Action!

Bluewater Is Your Partner for Health and Safety, Not Just Events & AV installations.

Bluewater is more than events and experiential A/V. We’re now your partner for health and safety products in retail and municipal transportation settings. Can we help you solve a retail or transportation sanitation problem? Reach out today.